The international language of music connects musicians from many regions and countries. THE GRAND JAM is an international music family which performs together the dream of a stadium concert. Whether beginner or professional - everyone can join.

THE GRAND JAM wants to bring people to music and encourage to start playing an instrument. Today air guitar, tomorrow electric guitar. If you start now, you can already be part of the concert at the stadium.

Please note that jammers need to be at the venue on the day before the show for rehearsals.



The Grand Jam Band consists of:

  • Vocals (female/male)
  • Guitar
  • Keyboard
  • Bass
  • Drums
  • Woodwinds and brass (saxophone/trumpet/trombone)
  • Strings (violin, viola, cello)

Once registered for the band you can start practising with our play-along-songs.



More than 20 gold and platinum albums with millions of copies sold - including 11 No. 1 albums in Europe - tell their own story. Mark Smith plays guitar, bass and piano, he arranges, composes, programs, produces and sings. From the early days of home recording (late 80's) to the present day, Mark Smith has now written more than 2000 songs, many of which have been released and some of which have become national or international successes.

Mark Smith works with the who's who of the German music scene. Outstanding among them is certainly his 20-year collaboration with Johannes Oerding. As bassist of the band KINGDOM COME, Mark Smith also gained a lot of experience in large-scale live entertainment.

At the beginning of the 2000s, Mark Smith was active in the casting show business in several countries, and he can look back on successful productions in this area either. Since Mark Smith attended his first songwriting camp in London in 1999, he himself has been an initiator at national and international songwriting camps every year and can thus count many composers, lyricists and producers around the world among his circle of friends. In 2018 he won the "German Songwriter Award" / In 2020 he was one of the jurors.

Mark Smith does not conduct in a classical way, rather he pushes the band to the absolute maximum performance of each individual band member through his empathetic manner.



Becoming a member of THEGRANDJAM band couldn't be easier:

  • Go to the website ""
  • Register for an instrument or voice
  • Upload a video of your performance
  • Get the "OK" to participate
  • Start preparing
  • Play with the THEGRANDJAM band

The "jammers" are coached separately by instrument from the beginning by THE GRAND JAM coaches. The coaches guide the musicians through rehearsals and help them prepare for the big moment of the stadium concert. There is plenty of material to practice for the gig.

All coaches are professional musicians or teachers who explain how to play the songs. There are "step by step tutorials" and of course sheet music. Each song is prepared with a professionally recorded "play-along video".

All participating musicians will receive a t-shirt and drinks will be provided during the rehearsals. Don't miss THE GRAND JAM Party on Thursday evening. Drinks and food are on the house.

More information can be found in the musicians' area.