The songs are a colourful mix of classics and current hits from rock, pop and funk/soul. THE GRAND JAM offers music for fans of all generations. The anthem of THE GRAND JAM is the song "Don't stop believin'" by Journey, which describes in a simple way that you should always believe in your dreams.

The preparation of new songs will be spread over the next few months to provide continuous "fodder" for practice. The song selection will be done by the coaches, by voting of the radio audience of Hit Radio FFH and also at least one "wish song" of the musicians will be considered.

The first three songs are:

Viva la Vida by Coldplay

Dynamite by BTS

Don't stop believin' by Journey

These three songs can be seen as a video from the stadium and the songs are already available completely with sheet music and single play-alongs in the download area for registered musicians.